Anima creates unique and memorable activities

Treasure hunts, escape games, quests, and quizzes … activities that create connection and unite us!

Whether you are a corporation or an individual, and whatever your needs, we offer:

  • Team bonding and creativity for companies,

  • Originality and fun for individuals

  • Imaginative experiences for the kids…

Anima’s expertise in games and creativity are at your service.

Video-Quiz: Brighten up your lockdown

Each Thursday at 9PM, Anima offers an online anti-depressant: A quiz! Even better than Xanax, we actively rebel against the prevailing gloominess and encourage joy, laughter, unity and reconnection (Anima as matchmaker?! Just kidding, of course…)! In short, we want people 👫👬👭 !
Private version available (🔥 new*)

This month's highlight

At the Louvre

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Anima’s expertise is at your service.