Anima creates unique and memorable activities

Treasure hunts, escape games, quests, and quizzes … activities that create connection and unite us!

Whether you are a corporation or an individual, and whatever your needs, we offer:

  • Team bonding and creativity for companies,

  • Originality and fun for individuals

  • Imaginative experiences for the kids…

Anima’s expertise in games and creativity are at your service.

The Tuileries Garden

What can be more refreshing than playing outside for the season ?! The Tuileries Garden is one of Anima’s playgrounds as we might provide you with different types of adventures, with game leaders or on app. Close to the Louvre, the historical park has much to offer and discover : basins, birds and hundreds of statues ! For groups from 4 to 300 people.

This month's highlight

Outdoor challenge

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Anima’s expertise is at your service.