5 April 2019

“You haven’t tried the Escape Game at the Louvre yet? What are you waiting for?

À NOUS PARISEscape game

11 March 2019

“’Crime at Orsay’ is the newest thrilling and rousing offering of Anima Agent Ludique who invite you to see for yourself at the Musée d’Orsay”

SORTIRAPARIS.COMExploration at Orsay

7 March 2019

“… the company creates and offers exploratory tours in museums for around two hours at a time. The idea? To make these visits more fun and personalised.”

LES ÉCHOSTreasure hunt at the Louvre

5 March 2019

“’… the atmosphere is great, and the location is magnificent’ says Flore Lafargue, a participant in the escape game.”

LE FIGAROEscape Game

13 February 2019

A delight for art amateurs and a chance to visit the less well-known halls of the museum. The discreet presence of the accompanying guide is also a real plus.”

FIGAROSCOPETreasure hunt at the Louvre

28 November 2017

A magical detour that will undoubtedly delight you as much as your children!”


29 November 2107

“An original and interactive way of making the most of the magic of Christmas…”

LE BONBONChristmas

28 November 2017

« de chouettes chasses au trésor »


14 March 2017

It was great’ Aude, 22, says, coming in second place. ‘We discovered the art in a totally different way, and we stopped to look at the details that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen’.

LE PARISIENTreasure hunt at the Louvre