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Escape Game at the Louvre | Episode 2

The Exodus Project continues with this second episode: explore Sully’s wing and find the second time portal in under 2 hours!
Wednesday evenings and Sundays throughout July | From 2 – 6 players | Ages 13+
A thrilling adventure inside the world’s most famous museum !

Escape Game at the Louvre | Episode 1

An incredible adventure at the heart of the museum. Take charge of your route and defy time!
Every Saturday | From 2-6 players | Ages 13+
An incredible adventure inside the museum to unlock the timegate !

Murder Mystery game in Orsay

A murder has been committed inside the old train station of Orsay. Find the criminal by playing an exclusive quest game amongst the masterpieces of the museum.
Thursdays and Saturdays | Ages 6+
Find the assassin of an unsolved murder in Orsay

La Joconde
Treasure hunt at the Louvre

A journey of riddles through the collections of the most beautiful museum in the world, searching to uncover Mona Lisa’s secret…
Year-round (Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays) | Ages 6+
Discover Mona Lisa’s last secret by opening the cryptex

Gift Vouchers

Treasure Hunt? Escape Game? Orienteering?
Treat your loved ones to originality and gift them one of our fun, cultural and unique activities… something they will remember for years to come!

Buzzers géants
The Super Quiz

A giant team-building quiz while dining… a must!
Currently taking place on video every Thursday!

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